the Builder

As a builder, we work and live in the heart of this thriving district, staying in tune with the energy and soul of the city and its diverse residents. This is how we can both imagine and execute the next level in custom loft living with a one-off project that truly complements its one-of-a-kind surroundings.

MTBH Studios

Ad Lofts is the brainchild of MTBH Studios, based on 2250 Central Avenue in St. Pete. We started as Modern Tampa Bay Homes — the area’s only true custom contemporary home builder — and built outward from there. 

We are a team of experienced building professionals who have chosen to reject the cookie-cutter mentality. Instead, we’re motivated by restless artistic vision and relentless creative drive.

MTB Urban

MTB Urban is one of the diverse sub-brands of MTBH Studios specializing in custom-built luxury living with a distinct urban focus. Our customers prefer hip Brooklyn to uptight Manhattan, and they expect a similarly arts-focused, walkable experience here in our Florida-based projects. We don’t disappoint.
We design urban homes that go far beyond the typical townhome, with daring artistic touches that reveal our design-focused backgrounds. If you thought Florida was all suburbs and strip malls, think again. MTB Urban projects like Ad Lofts and 2700 exist to pleasantly subvert your expectations.