Home is Where
the Art is

With your Ad Lofts address, you’ll be in the thick of the Grand Central District — but this is only one of the seven distinct arts districts that make St. Pete such a cultural destination. Suffice it to say, you’ll have lots to explore in the realms of art, music, dance, theater and crafts.

Explore the
art districts

Art District Map
MLK North
This bike-friendly corridor has an exciting mix of galleries,
event venues, cuisine, crafts and boutiques.
It’s close to impressive local parks.
Waterfront Museum
From the Pier to the Mahaffey Theater
to the Dali Museum to the fashionable arts and
cuisine of Beach Drive, this area has
green parks and sparkling views.
Central Arts
This area boasts an incredible array of
independent artists,studios, galleries, musical
entertainment, cuisine, crafts and boutiques.
The Edge
This 7-block district packs an astounding variety of murals,
fine arts, crafts, music, events, craft brew pubs,
restaurants and boutiques.
Grand Central

Home to Ad Lofts, this cobblestoned area has a grand
mix of museums, galleries, antique stores,
boutiques, specialty retail, restaurants and cafes.

Warehouse Arts
Wide-open warehouse spaces, linked by the Pinellas Trail,
now house the ambitious, large-scale creations
of local artisans and creators.
Deuces Live
South St. Pete’s African-American heritage
is alive in this historic area of locally-owned
galleries,restaurants, museums and services.

We give back to the art community

Since the beginning stages of the Ad Lofts project, we found it vitally appropriate to give back to the local arts community. We have partnered with the non-profit Warehouse Arts District of St. Pete organization to specifically showcase and promote the vibrant works of local artists.


St. Pete’s incredible creative capacity will soon increase further with I-MIX — a five-block, industrial mixed-use project slated to revitalize 22nd Street South. Spearheaded by Place Projects, I-MIX will become a walkable urban destination with housing, arts, cuisine and interesting retail offerings.

The Factory

The Factory is a 6.5-acre arts complex in the adjacent Warehouse Arts District. Artists of all styles and backgrounds hone their talents in The Factory’s studio spaces, while visitors adore the 15,000 sq. ft. immersive arts experience, Fairgrounds St. Pete. Longtime St. Pete music store Daddy Kool Records is another highlight of this impressive enclave.